Earth Day 2023- How Bistara Linen Is Supporting a Greener Future With Sustainable Practices

Earth Day 2023- How Bistara Linen Is Supporting a Greener Future With Sustainable Practices

Every year, on the 22nd of April, the world celebrates Earth Day. A day we appreciate the beauty of nature around us and its gifts while pondering on ways we can help our environment thrive. At Bistara Linen, Earth Day means a lot to us.

You see, our passion for making the planet a better place runs so deep that our production process is highly sustainable. Do you want to know how? Let's show you.

However, before we go further, let's highlight briefly the measures we’ve taken as a company to ensure minimal waste. This will help you understand what we are talking about. Our practices include:

  • Using eco-friendly fabric
  • Zero waste policy

How Are We Investing In A Greener Future?

When we first started as a company, one of the major visions was to produce premium, eco-friendly linen products at affordable prices. This is why the main and only textile our company deals in is linen. We do not use cotton or any other type of fabric to make our products. Why is that? Because linen is one of the most planet-friendly fabrics in the world. It comes from the flax plant, one of the oldest sources of textiles.

When sourcing for linen, we make sure that the linen we get is well-processed and safe for use. We make sure it's not just safe for our customers, but it's also safe for the earth. This is why our fabrics meet the Oeko-Tex standard of safety for production and reuse.

We also apply these standards to our production process. Our goal is to ensure minimal waste, so we make sure to keep it to a minimum as much as possible. Most of the leftover fabric is turned into something beautiful and useful.

We are aware of the amount of waste the world generates: as of 2023, 92 million tonnes alone have been generated from the industry. In our own way as an eco-conscious brand, we are actively making sure that we reduce the waste that comes from the textile industry.

Here is an insight into our sustainable practices below.

What Are Our Sustainable Practices?

Using Eco-friendly Fabric
Linen is our chosen fabric because the plant it comes from, flax, does not need so much water to nourish it. It also doesn't need pesticides to protect it and minimal energy can be used to process it. It's the perfect plant as long as it is in the right environment. In addition, no part of flax goes to waste when it has been processed. Every byproduct gotten from it is used for something (think flax oil, rattan, hemp etc.)

In our journey to provide premium linen products, we’ve also done our best to make sure that the linen we use is up to industry standards. That is why we make sure that our linen is Oeko-Tex certified to ensure that it's safe for our customers and the planet. We never compromise on this process. We are not using a planet-friendly fabric as we mentioned earlier, we are also making sure that this fabric is safe for use.

Zero Waste Policy

As we mentioned earlier, we make sure to reduce waste to a minimum. The remnant fabric we have left is what is used to create our special zero waste collection. Every item in the collection is made from pieces of fabric. Be it the multicoloured tablecloth, or our super stylish boyfriend shirt, all are made from pieces of fabric. However, this doesn't mean that the items are less luxurious or premium. They are a reminder of what we stand by and our commitment to making the earth healthier. If you are curious to see our collection, just scroll down a little.

We don't just preach zero waste, we practise it and convince others around us to do the same. Our goal is minimum wastage and we will continue to achieve this

A Peep Into Our Special Zero Waste Collection

We've been raving about our zero waste collection, and we know you want to see what we have there, so let's show you some items in the collection.

Our super stylish boyfriend shirt on

If you need a linen outfit that is versatile, stylish, comfy and eco-friendly, this should be your first choice. Make a fashion statement while being comfortable and eco-conscious.

Our multicoloured tablecloth on

If you want to give your kitchen a more homey and unique look, this table will fit right in perfectly. Make meals feel better and bond with your loved ones more with this lovely linen tablecloth.

Our dusk pink linen tote bag on

Ever thought of having a trendy multi-purpose tote bag? Well, we have some for you. Our linen tote bags, another item in this collection, comes in a variety of warm tones that you will love. Get one for yourself or as a gift for loved ones to encourage them to embrace minimal waste.

What We Can Encourage You To Do

As a fellow citizen of the world, you can, just like us, do your little part in ensuring that textile waste is reduced drastically. How can you do this?

  • Use fabrics that are earth friendly e.g linen, organic cotton, soy silk etc
  • Reuse and repurpose any old fabric you have. You can turn them into useful items like aprons, rags, scrunchies, storage bags etc.

In Conclusion

At Bistara, sustainable waste management is the goal and as you can see, we are very passionate about that. We hope that you can also join us to achieve this in the best way you can. If you've already started doing this, we appreciate your efforts!
As Earth Day draws closer, let us reflect on what we can do to make the world better environmentally. Let's ensure that all our actions are for the protection and sustenance of nature. The earth is the only home we have, let us cherish it as much as we can.

Be like Bistara Linen Co, be sustainable

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