At Bistara Linen Co., we believe in offering environmentally sustainable products through:

  • Sustainably sourced flax linen
  • Manufacturing practices producing eco-friendly products
  • Minimising waste by using all leftover textiles
  • Defining our intention through re-use and repurposing

Production of textiles both in manufacturing, to the finished product, can cause many environmental concerns, from consuming extraordinary amounts of energy to the usage of water and natural resources. The textile industry has found itself obligated to improve upon traditional methods of manufacturing and processing and is increasingly scrutinised by consumer concerns about such

The manufacture of linen has faced scrutiny, and as such the industry has focused on research and improvements to the methods by which linen fibres are processed. Linen by contrast uses less water than cotton or polyester; it is biodegradable and easy to recycle. It can be grown in soil that is of low quality.

Considerable research has been conducted to ensure the use and reuse of the plant parts, improving the quality of construction, minimising production by-products, and yielding stronger yarns that produce better quality textiles.

Sustainable waste management ensures socioeconomic development can occur without effects on the environment. It builds a way forward for developing communities and fulfils the needs without endangering future generations