Bistara Linen  Co’s 6 Bestselling Linen Products

Bistara Linen Co’s 6 Bestselling Linen Products

As a linen brand, we pride ourselves in making one of the best linen products you can find in Australia. But even though we sell premium linen there are still certain items we have as our “bestsellers''. Our customers just can't stop coming back for them.

That's why today, we will be showing you the top 6 best-selling linen items that our clients love to get from us. Curious to see if they are worth the hype? Then keep on reading.

6 Bestselling Linen Products

1. Chambray Linen Sheet Set

    This particular sheet set comprises a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 standard pillowcases. It comes in one of our most popular colours; chambray.

    This dark shade has a sophisticated allure that we can’t explain but can only be experienced. Maybe that's why it's at the top of the list.

    Want to experience this item for yourself, then head on to our website.

    2. Cinnamon Duvet Cover

    This brightly coloured duvet cover is our special colour of love. It is another product that our customers love.
    This cozy duvet cover comes in a warm and cozy colour and gives you a feeling like you are being wrapped in the comfy hug of your favourite person or a loved one
    Want to have that hug with you every day when you wake up or go to bed? Head to our website to get yours now.

     3. Pinstripe Napkin Set

    This particular napkin set might look like an everyday napkin you hang around in the kitchen, but its simplicity is what attracts our customers to it.
    Its monochrome design gives it a specific charm that fits right into your kitchen. Perfect for family dinners, date nights or even a fun lunch with friends, this striped napkin set is what every kitchen needs.
    Do you desire its simplicity or do you want more? Then have a look at other options on our website.

    4. Grey Fitted Sheet

    This fitted sheet in a muted tone is the dream of every minimalist. Maybe that's why our customers love it because minimalism is all the rave now.
    But the best part about this grey fitted sheet is that it fits into either a minimalistic home or a brightly coloured one. Its neutrality makes it more desirable.
    Think this will fit perfectly into your home? We are waiting for you on the other side.

    5. Dusk Tablecloth


    Remember how they say colours can affect our appetite? We think it's the same with this dusk-coloured tablecloth. And it seems like with our customers, it's doing the trick! Imagine setting a table with this hue.
    Think of how gorgeous it would look and how meals would look more yummy. Sounds good right? Then head to our website to get yours now. If you want some extra oomph, there are other colours to choose from.

    6. Iced Coffee Sheet Set

    Another sheet set that our customers love, this brown-coloured set is something they can't seem to get over. Maybe it's the coziness it exudes or the calming effect it gives off, there is just something that makes them come back for it. The best part is you can have that too.

    Let this neutral shade be a part of your collection today by visiting our website.

    Finally, now that we've shown you our bestsellers, what do you think? Want to check them out to see if they are worth the hype? Then visit us at Bistara Linen Co.

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