Here is How You Can Take Proper Care Of Your Linen Fabric

Here is How You Can Take Proper Care Of Your Linen Fabric

So we've been talking a lot about linen and we know you've probably got some in your home right now (we know we had a hand in that *wink*). As much as we love that you have joined the linen train, we also want you to enjoy the fabric to the fullest.
And how can you do this?

We will show you tips that can help you extend the lifespan of your linen a bit longer. P.S: Linen is a low-maintenance fabric, so the steps for taking care of it are not complicated.
Anyway, let's get into it.

How Should I Wash Linen?

● You can hand wash or machine wash your linen fabric, the choice is yours. The most important thing is that it should be washed in low temperatures (preferably lukewarm or cold water) and a mild detergent should be used.
● It is also advisable not to use bleach for your linen fabric.
● Linen should be washed separately from other coloured fabrics. This is to prevent the possibility of a stain damaging the fabric.
● For removing stains on linen, you can either wash it as you normally would, use a stain remover (make sure to patch-test it before using it) or hand it to professional dry cleaners.

How Should I Dry Linen?
As we mentioned earlier, linen is a low-maintenance fabric, so drying it is quite straightforward.
● When using a washing machine you can tumble dry it at a low temperature. You can also take the fabric out of the dryer when it's still a bit damp and let it dry out flat or hang it to dry completely.
● However, to get the best out of your linen, it's best you lay them out flat to dry in the sun. This will prevent any creases and retain the normal shape of the fabric.

How Should I Iron Linen
Make sure it's slightly damp when ironing (you can spray some water on it to achieve this). Set it at a medium or higher temperature to successfully iron it. You should also note that the creases and crumples are part of linens charm and give it its style.

How Should I Store Linen?

To store linen sheets effectively, ensure they're clean and completely dry. Neatly fold them along natural lines to minimize wrinkles, and place matching pillowcases with the corresponding sheets for organization. Store in a cool, dry location with breathable fabric bags, and periodically check to maintain their quality.

A Final Word On Caring For Linen
Linen is a fabric that can last pretty long if properly treated well. It might be low
maintenance, but you still have to be careful with it. You also want to make sure that you read the manufacturers instructions/label first before doing anything to be sure you are on the right path. If the instructions are not clear to you, you can always refer back to our post to help you get it right.
With that, we hope these tips have put you at ease and help to ensure that you enjoy your beautiful linen as much as you should. We at Bistara Linen Co. want you to stay in comfort for as long as possible.

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