A New Shade to Warm Your Heart And Your Home, From Bistara Linen Co

A New Shade to Warm Your Heart And Your Home, From Bistara Linen Co

There is never too much cosiness and warmth for you to enjoy. For us, comfort is not a moment, it's a journey. One of our major goals is to make sure that you, our dear reader, enjoy comfort and cosiness always with our products. Because of this, we are always creating better versions of our products to meet your needs. That is why we are introducing a new shade of linen to upgrade the level of cosiness you desire.

That’s what we thought of when we decided to introduce our new linen shade; iced coffee. We brought in the iced coffee shade because we wanted something that will connect you with nature even in your home. You deserve more warmth and comfort in your home and that's what this hue offers. Let's give a little insight into why we added this colour to our collection. But first, a little information about the iced coffee colour.

Why Iced Coffee For Bistara Linen Co?

For us, this shade symbolizes the warmth and comfort nature has to offer us. The satisfying calmness and grounding we feel when we are around natural elements are what we hope to achieve with this colour. And this time, we are bringing the feeling very close to you.

The iced coffee shade is an elegant hue that will give your home a natural look with a calming effect. It's been proven that having natural colours in your bedroom can improve your mood. By introducing this shade, we want to help make your day brighter and your nights cosier. We want your surroundings to look better while you work, play, eat, rest, cook etc. Overall, we just want to make you super comfy always.

Mix and Match The Iced Coffee Shade With Other Colours

You know the best part about our new shade? It's a neutral colour that can be paired with other colours. If you want to go the extra mile by styling it with other linen shades, you don't have to worry about that. It's literally a canvas that you can use to add extra colours.

Dark hues are what we recommend will work best with iced coffee.

We have a beautiful range of dark colours that you can experiment with. From chambray to charcoal, you can pick any of them to form a beautiful combination and upgrade your home. You can go for playful, or minimalist with iced coffee, the choice is yours.

With this shade, you can create a calming and comfortable space that you can always look forward to after a long day.

Get Our Latest Shade and Welcome Warmth into Your Home

As we launch this new colour, we would like to encourage you to consider adding this beautiful hue to your space. Introduce more comfort into your home and make it a cosier place for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Take a step forward with iced coffee linen so we can take you on the journey you deserve.

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