Why is Linen Good for Winter?

Winter is finally here and we know you are considering which fabric is the best to help you and your loved ones stay warm. You've already brought out all the bulky fabric to use and have stashed linen into your storage.

Well, we would like to tell you to please bring your linen garments and bedding back out.


Because linen is one of the best materials you can use right now, aside from materials like wool. That's right. We know a lot of people think it should best be used during summer, but it can also be used during the coldest time of the year.

But we aren't just going to tell you to use linen, we are also going to tell you why you should and what you should consider when using it.

Let's show you why.

Why Should I Use Linen During Winter?
So everyone says linen is a breezy type of fabric that keeps you cool during hot seasons. But what they don't know is that linen's temperature-regulating properties can also keep you warm during winter.

And here is how.

Flax, the plant from which linen is derived, has inbuilt insulators and thermo-regulating properties which retain heat when the weather is cold to keep you warm and draws heat away from your body when the weather is hot. This, therefore, makes linen one of the fabrics you should include in your body-warming plans for winter.

Its durability and thickness make it a suitable choice for winter as it makes it harder for cold air to pass through when it's frigid.

In addition, wearing other types of fabrics, especially synthetic ones may cause a stifling, sweaty kind of heat during winter, but linen isn't like that. Linen's breathability will make you feel warm and cozy at the same time, keeping you comfy always.

We know it seems weird to tell you to use a famous summer cloth during winter, but we need you to try it and see how it is!

Now that we've told you why linen is good for you, let's now give you some things to consider when using linen this winter.

How To Use Linen In Winter.
To help you enjoy your linen this winter, let's give some tips on how you can use it.

1. Pick Thicker Linen Fabric Over Lighter Ones.

This should be the first step you consider when using linen this winter. This applies to both linen bedding and clothing. Get the heavier ones instead so they can do a proper job and keep you warm and cozy. The lighter ones might be great for summer, but you need that extra thick one to keep you comfy for winter, just like the ones we have at Bistara Linen Co.

In addition, even when you get thick linen clothing, you still need to wear other warmer clothes on top. Linen might keep you warm, but it won't take the place of your coat or jumper.

P.S: As a styling option, especially if you don't want to look bulky, you can also wear your linen cloth as a top layer. Just make sure you wear another outfit underneath. For example, if you are wearing a linen shirt, you can wear another T-shirt underneath to keep you warm.

2. Select Winter-Appropriate Colours
When we talk about winter-appropriate colours, what we mean are shades that can easily absorb heat. For example, grey, chambray, charcoal, cinnamon or any darker colour that you know of. You can try this with bedding and clothing, especially the latter so you can mix and match it with other outfits.

It's time to get rid of the idea that linen cannot be worn during winter because it definitely can. You don't have to dump your quality linen for the cold season, embrace them, wear and style them anyhow you want.

Let premium linen, especially ours, keep you warm and cozy this winter.

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