In The Business of Giving You Comfort: A Glance At Bistara Linen Co

In The Business of Giving You Comfort: A Glance At Bistara Linen Co


While we've been raving about everything concerning linen, we never really got to properly introduce ourselves and talk about what we do. And to be honest, you actually deserve to know more about us our dear reader. We know we talk about giving you comfort from fabric and all that, but who are we? What do we do? What is in our collection?

These are questions that we are going to answer in the preceding article, so please follow us as we take you to the brand, Bistara Linen Co.

First Of All, A Little Story About Bistara Linen Co.

In year 2022, one of the founders,Sakshi Shukla, decided to start an eco-friendly linen brand with the philosophy that everyone deserves luxurious and planet-friendly linen. This is why our linen, no matter how premium, is set at a reasonable price. She believes that quality linen is for everybody. She also wanted to make sure that the linen products made will be environmentally friendly and safe for human use. Hence the emphasis on following industry standards and our zero waste policy. This has been the philosophy she lives by as an emerging brand.

With that being said, let us now show you who we are as a brand.

Who is Bistara Linen Co.?

We are an Australian textile brand that focuses on making luxury and eco-friendly linen pieces for everyone. We believe everybody should have access to premium linen without compromising on quality. That is why we emphasize the affordability of our linen products.

Our vision: to be the ultimate destination for quality linen brands in Australia and beyond. We want to create an impact in the lives of our customers by making them experience premium linen without having to spend a fortune. That is why we like to say that we want to take our customers on a journey to comfort at an affordable price

What Does Bistara Linen Co. Do?

We produce eco-friendly linen that is not just good for the planet but also good for our customers. And don't worry, we are very focused on ensuring we produce the best linen products according to industry standards. On industry standards, we are certified by Oeko tex, the highest textile certification in the world. This is how much we care about the quality of our products.

Asides from following industry standards, we also make these products to create a comforting and relaxing living space for our customers. A comfortable bedroom, and a beautiful kitchen, that is what we want our customers to see when they add our products to their home.

Since we are talking about our products giving a luxurious ambience, let's have a look at them.

Our Collection
Our linen products come in 3 major collections;

  1. Bedding
  2. Dining
  3. Zero waste (our fabric reuse method to reduce textile waste)

Let's go through the collection, shall we?

1. Bedding:

We have a complete bedding set of duvet covers, pillowcases, euros, fitted sheets and flat sheets that all come in 8 alluring shades. Whether it's for a good night's sleep or a satisfying nap, our bedding set is designed to make your rest better.

Duvet cover

Want to feel cosier while you rest? Try our exquisite duvet cover


Our fitted and flat linen sheets are not just comfy but also gentle on the skin. Get one today and see for yourself.


Our pillowcases and euros are designed to help you drift off into zzz land easily. You can purchase some and for yourself what we are talking about.

You can buy them alone or in a set. Visit our website to see the sets we have available.

2. Dining

At Bistara Linen, we believe that meals taste better when you have the right linen on your table. Our dining set contains tablecloths and napkins in 10 signature hues. They are designed not just to make you feel better, but also to make mealtime with loved ones a lovely experience.

3. Zero Waste

Now this is a collection we are proud of. The products in this collection are a commitment (add a link to the earth day article) tthe o our efforts to reduce fabric waste as much as we can. We use leftover fabric to create these beautiful products which make them super special.

The section contains a multicoloured trendy boyfriend shirt, a multicoloured table cloth and multi-purpose tote bags that can be reused numerous times. The tote bags come in 6 colours that you can choose from.

We hope that this article has given you more insight into our brand, not just as a linen company but as a company that wants to make sure its customers get the best.

If you have more questions about us or our products, we would love to hear them. Just contact us at

If you are a regular or new customer, we hope to continue the journey to comfort with you. If you are a potential customer, we hope that you start the journey with us soon.

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