A Different Shade For Love: Unveiling Bistara Linen Co.'s Unique Colour For Valentine's Day And Beyond

It's the season of love, but we are breaking the rules. Red has been known to be the colour of love because it signifies passion. But love isn't just about passion is it? Love is a lot of things.

Love is warm, kind, reassuring, safe etc. It's a lot of things. But love isn't just about passion, and that's why Bistara Linen Co.'s Colour of love is Cinnamon.

Yes, that's right. We know you are thinking, what does cinnamon have to do with love? In Tina Turner's words, what's love got to do with it, right? Well, a quick glance at the qualities cinnamon represents will tell you what you need to know.

Some of the qualities that cinnamon represents are; security, dependability and a sense of cosiness. With the features we've mentioned and your understanding of love besides passion, it's undeniable we made the right choice.

But before we go on rambling about our special colour of love, let's give a little back story into cinnamon.

A Little History About Our New Favourite Colour

Cinnamon is a colour derived from the spice itself. The colour is just the same as the shade of brown on cinnamon sticks and powder. The name of the colour was obviously derived from the spice itself and has been used as far back as the fifteenth century even though the spice existed way before then.

Now that we’ve given a little background, let's explain why we chose Cinnamon as our colour of love. 

Why Cinnamon is Our Colour of Love

We chose cinnamon because of the qualities it represents when it comes to love, which we’ve listed earlier.

Love isn't just about expressing your undying love or a romantic getaway, it's also in the little things. The way you feel when your partner covers you properly with the duvet and cuddles you, how your heart flutters when you get your loved one something nice and they love it, how you feel when you share a hearty laugh with friends at the table etc. You don't feel the passion when scenarios like this occur, what you feel is warmth and security. Why do we know stuff like this? Because we feel you.

That's why we decided to use cinnamon because we felt no other colour could actually portray this properly. It represents in our opinion, a more encompassing love (passion is valid but other aspects of love stand stronger). The type of love we believe in is the one you can share with not just your lover, but with friends and family.

Another reason we chose cinnamon is that it radiates warm and positive energy. The type that makes you want to roll around in the sheets and tighten the covers around you. And let's not deny it, the colour looks so eye-pleasing, you could eat it. You walk into your kitchen and start working up an appetite because there is cinnamon-coloured homeware on your table. Let's not forget the amazing aroma cinnamon spice gives. Once you have a look at it, you smell it and voila, you start feeling good! I mean look at it, it’s cinnamon! You have to love the cosiness it brings. 

Having cinnamon-coloured beddings and homeware in your space will give it a super cosy look. Plus, the aesthetics are just wonderful. We highly recommend this shade, as it's suitable for every season.

We hope that as we’ve found cinnamon to be magical, you find it to be magical too. By sharing this colour with you, we hope that the love you share with others contains these attributes and more, so you can experience the love you desire. We want that love to continue to grow and flourish always.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Bistara Linen Co❤.

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