Three Things to consider when buying Linen for your home this Summer

Three Things to consider when buying Linen for your home this Summer

It's summer again. A time of sun, beaches, tans and cool beverages. One more thing we love about summer; linen and its thermoregulating quality. Yup, that's right. The best choice is linen if you are looking for the perfect fabric for the summer season. Why? Well, we’ve already told you the reason; thermoregulation.
You see, linen, unlike other types of fabric, is a very special fabric that can be used all year round. During seasons like summer, it draws heat away from the body, which keeps you cool. In colder seasons, it spreads warmth to your body and drives away the chill.

Basically, getting linen now is a good investment because you can use it any time of the year. You dont have to worry about changing the bedding fabric to something lighter or thicker, linen is just perfect!

We should also mention that linen has a high moisture absorption capacity. It can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. So if you are considering getting things like towels, table napkins/clothes, and bath robes, let linen be your first option. It's the best choice you can make when it comes to fabric.

Did we also mention that it dries really fast? So while it's great at absorbing, it also has quick-drying features. It can dry within two hours when given access to sunlight and adequate air. Thats a double win if you ask us.

So now that we’ve explained why linen is the perfect choice for you this summer, here are 3 important things to look out for when getting linen.
1. Purpose
We believe it's essential to know why you are getting linen as a fabric.
Before you decide to get linen, you need to know the exact purpose you are using it for. Are you using it as bedding or tableware? Is it going to be part of your wardrobe? These are necessary questions you should consider when getting linen. This will help you decide which linen product is useful and help you enjoy it properly. It also helps you make better buying choices and less confusion when getting it. Once you have a purpose, shopping for linen becomes easier.

If you still don't have this figured out, why don't we indulge you in a little game of shop the look on our website. You can easily have a look at our products and even enjoy our special summer sale.
2. Quality
This is our most important factor to look out for. Linen, in our opinion, can only be best enjoyed when you get a top-quality one. Once you encounter good linen, you can never go back. It's an experience you should enjoy.

But before we go rambling, how do you identify quality linen?

  • Texture: Quality linen usually has a crisp but soft feeling on the skin. With time and regular washing, it will get more soft and supple to the touch. It also doesn't cause any weird shock to the skin or allergic reactions except in extremely rare cases.
  • Thickness: Good linen is actually not too thick or too light and see-through
  • Durability: Linen is known for its strength and cannot be easily ripped especially when it's bought for the first time.
  • Thread count: According to Sleep Foundation, thread count is not a very useful indicator for quality linen. However, good linen has a thread count between 80-150. This is because it is thicker than some other fabrics and it will be harder to fit a higher number of yarns in a square inch of linen. So while shopping, ask the vendor what the thread count for the fabric is or check the fabric itself for a tag that states this.
  • Oeko-Tex Certified: Just like our linen, good linen is certified by Oeko-Tex, the leading textile certification system that ensures that linen is safe for you and the environment. Most linen brands, just like us, are either certified by Oeko-tex due to their strict regulations in ensuring the production of harmless fabric. Be sure to check if the brand you are getting from has this certification, just like ours.

With quality linen, you can experience a whole new level of pure comfort. Thats why we always say we are taking you on a journey to comfort because we’ve got the good stuff! We prioritize so much in ensuring that every sheet of linen is made with the best possible care. This is to make sure that you enjoy the best, We should also note at this point that quality linen does not equate to expensive linen. At Bistara Linen Co., we believe that everyone should have access to quality linen at great prices. And most times, linen of the best quality can be really affordable, just like the one we make.
Speaking of great prices, our amazing summer sale is still available for you to purchase premium linen at a discount of 15%. Head to our website and start your journey.
3. Colour
In our previous post, we spoke about 5 amazing bedding colours that would be great for your sleeping space this summer. Well, here we are once again, advising you to look out for colours when picking linen. For this, we would advise you to pick more natural colours because they blend in easily with the colour scheme of any room.

Colour has a huge impact on our lives. It's way more than you can think. That's why you walk into a well-lit room with natural colours and already feel energized. The first thing you should consider is the ambience or feel you are going for in your home. Summer is a period of activities and you need your home to give you respite from all the bustle. What better way to achieve this than a relaxing colour scheme in your space? Imagine walking into your home after a long and sunny day and the beautiful and relaxing colours are the first thing your eyes meet. Sounds good right? Make a good choice today by getting quality linen in great colours.
If you are looking for great colours, we have a variety of relaxing colours on our website that you can choose from. Just head on there and make your pick.
Our final words
These tips we’ve provided are what we believe will guide you on your linen journey, especially if you are a beginner. By taking them into consideration, we believe that shopping for linen will become easier for you.
If selecting the best linen for yourself seems daunting, dont worry, we’ve got you. We have everything you need on our website As we mentioned earlier, we have a huge summer sale happening right now, so just head there to enjoy a 15% discount and all other exciting things in store.

Don’t put yourself under so much pressure, relax, sit back, and let's take you on a journey to comfort.

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