Five Amazing Linen Bedding Colour Ideas For Your Bedroom Space This New Year

Five Amazing Linen Bedding Colour Ideas For Your Bedroom Space This New Year

2022 has officially ended and welcome to 2023! We’ve left it and ready to move onto new things. This means we are getting rid of old habits, making new year goals and changing things for the better around us like our living spaces and especially our bedrooms.

At Bistara Linen Co., we are always eager to improve the level of your comfort. This is why we are sharing our linen bedding inspo to create the bedroom sanctuary.

Linen is one of the best fabrics for the bedroom due to its temperature-regulating aspects, plus a number of other benefits ie antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti fungal and colour has a huge role to play when it comes to your sleep health and mood. According to Healthline, research has shown that certain colours can improve your mood. And we all know that our bedroom is where we feel relaxed and comfortable, your bedding needs to put you in a relaxed mode.

Introducing five colours from our Bistara bed collection that will up your style and make your bedroom a haven.

  • Natural colour-way for a warm setting:

Imagine this; you walk into your room on a sunny afternoon, curtains slightly open, sunlight streaming inside, bouncing off surfaces, and then the sun shines onto your natural bedding set. There is just something about this kind of setting that makes you want to take a nap—That's what we thought when we picked this colour in our bedding collection. Natural colour-way also has a cosy look that has to be felt or experienced. So if you want warmth in your bedroom, this is the colour for you.

This is also the perfect colour for a minimalist or someone who wants to tread down that path. This neutral colour also helps to give a clearer head and easily helps to identify clutter in your space. Once you walk into your room, you already feel relaxed, which is how a standard bedroom should make you feel.

  • Blue to help set the mood
Choosing a shade of blue with grey or darker undertones i.e a blue-grey colour has a more soothing effect. A darker shade of blue is the best choice for a good night’s rest. This was the reason behind us creating our chambray bedding set. You deserve a soothing rest after a long day and our chambray bedding set can help you achieve that.
  • Dusky pink to get you settled at dusk

Pink is not just for your little girl’s room, it's also a great colour to help reduce stress.  We can all agree that it is a very soft colour and can quickly induce you into sleeping because of the calmness and gentleness associated with it.

As much as pink is a great colour, be careful not to pick a bright shade as it can cause hyperactivity in the brain. A shade like our dusk pink bedding set is perfect as it is the perfect mix; not too light, not too dark.

  • Light grey to relax your mood

Most people believe that grey is one of the worst colours for sleeping because it evokes negative emotions. In some cases, it might be true, but not in the case of light grey.

This colour has been known to not only be a favourite amongst interior designers but also to improve the quality of sleep a person has. On days when you want to just curl up in bed while reading a book and then drift off to sleep, this is the perfect shade for you. This is why our grey bedding set is of a light shade to give you the quality sleep you deserve.

  • Pure white for the best sleep

The colour white is a very neutral tone which can help to lessen distractions around you. This is probably because it signifies pureness and creates little to no excitement.

Some people find this colour to be cold and boring which is totally normal. But it doesn't change the fact that it's still an amazing colour for your space. To make it more interesting, you can mix it with other colours. It will blend in easily with almost any colour because of its neutrality. In case you are confused about how to start decorating your room, start with white. It will be easier to match colours with it and see which one you like. Our white bedding set is a good place to start from.

All the colours mentioned can be matched with other colours to give the perfect setting for your room. They can all be found in our bedding set collection. These shades were picked based on studies that show them to be the best for sleep. Also, whether you are a minimalist or you love being extra, there is always a colour for you. Just make a choice and shop the look on our website.

Remember that your comfort and rest are key and that's what we are very focused on at Bistara. This new year, be more intentional about the colours in your space and see the difference it will make to your sleep health and overall health.

Bistara Linen would like to officially welcome you to 2023. Let's begin and continue the journey together.

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