Linen Fabric and Zero Waste?

Linen Fabric and Zero Waste?

During the production phases of the flax plant, NO PART OF THE PLANT GOES TO WASTE, therefore linen production is considered zero-waste.

At Bistara Linen Co., our fabric of choice is linen, as it’s considered zero-waste, along with it’s environmentally friendly properties as it requires little irrigation and little energy to process. Linen also has some other great features, anti-bacterial, moisture regulating, it’s extremely durable and versatile fabric.

Here at Bistara Linen Co., we make sure that no linen fabric is wasted, we use all the fabric cut-offs and turn them into products for our zero-waste collection.

For example, in this collection, we have our multi-colour linen tablecloth which is made out of fabric cut-offs. If you are looking for something unique to add to your dining table, this beautifully handcrafted tablecloth will fit perfectly.

As much as we are eco-conscious, we also love to see our customers look stylish while practicing sustainability. That's why we created the multi-colour boyfriend shirt (also from patchwork). This super cool shirt can be styled in so many ways.

These are just some of the items from our zero-waste collection. Head to our website and check out our collections.

We provide a more eco-friendly way of packaging for instance, our linen sheet set comes with a tote bag that can be reused for shopping or storing knick-knacks.

Our products are Oeko-tex certified according to international standards. This means we make extra efforts to ensure that our products are one of the best and safest in the market according to government regulations. With this, we are committed to making the best products for you.


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