Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet

What Makes These Sheets Different From Each Other

Today, you most likely got out of your bed to prepare for the long day ahead. But did you look at your sheets to know the type you have laid out? Do you know the name of the sheets you use? Or do you already know all these things? If you do know, then you have mastered the art of bedmaking. If you don’t, this is a chance for you to learn and make your linen bedding shopping experience easier.

In this article, we will be looking at fitted sheets and flat sheets and what makes them different from each other. After reading this article, you will be able to differentiate the two and even know which one will be better for you.

Let’s get right into it!

What is a Flat Sheet?

As the name implies, a flat sheet is rectangular with finished edges but no elastic. Also known as a top sheet or cover in some places, It can be laid on the mattress directly or can be placed between you and your duvet.

What is a Fitted Sheet?

A fitted sheet is also a rectangular sheet, but this time, its corners are sewn into its edges with an elastic. And to satisfy your curiosity, yes, it is called a bottom sheet/cover. Making it this way allows the sheet to fit perfectly around the mattress. It also prevents the sheet from slipping out of place easily.

What is the Role of Each Sheet

Both sheets have different ways they can be used, but one thing is certain; they are both used as bedding covers. Fitted sheets are mostly used as mattress covers due to the way they are designed to not come off easily.

But flat sheets are sometimes used as mattress covers or mostly as an overtop (a piece of cloth placed between the sleeper and the duvet). Most people do not like to use flat sheets as mattress covers because they never stay in place and you have to fold them back every night.

What is the Difference Between Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets

Most of the time, people buy flat and fitted sheets together in a set, so some people think they are the same. They might be similar but they have very significant differences. Here are the differences you should know of:

1. Use:

As was mentioned earlier, fitted sheets are predominantly used as a mattress cover while flat sheets are laid on top of the sleeper to separate them from the duvet/blanket. Most people do not really see the need to sleep with a flat sheet as a top cover, but they can also be used as mattress covers.

2. Shape:

This is another major and obvious difference between the two. Although they are both rectangular, the fitted sheet has rounded edges because of the elastic while the flat sheet doesn't. This means that fitted sheets might not be as easy to fold as a flat sheet.

3. Maintenance:

Both flat and fitted sheets are very easy to maintain , especially the ones made from linen just like ours. You can wash and dry them with a washing machine. However, be sure to read the manufacturer’s label before doing any of that. If you use the flat sheet as a top cover, you are going to have to wash it as frequently as you would wash it if it was a mattress cover. This is because it is in constant contact with your skin and needs to be kept clean as much as possible.

How to Choose the Best Sheet for You and Your Bed

In this situation, you have to think of which sheets you would prefer based on which will be:

1. What do you need it for: This should be the first question on your mind. This determines whether the other factors will be bearable for you. Do you just need the sheets as mattress covers, top sheets or both? The choice is yours at the end of the day.

2. Easy to wash: Both fitted and flat sheets are easier to wash than your duvet. This is good because it means you can actually have both of them and not have issues maintaining them. And who says you can't have both ?

3. Easy to store: in all honesty, fitted sheets are not easy to store. Because they dont have flat edges, it makes it hard for them to lap smoothly when folding them. This makes them become stored messily in your cupboard and come out rumpled. But your linen fitted sheets dont have to be completely smooth, the crinkles are definitely part of the charm.
4. Easy to lay on the bed and will stay in place: A fitted sheet is just as the name implies, fitted to the mattress and it won't come off easily. But a flat sheet? Can't say the same. Just a few rolls at night and corners are coming off. Maybe that’s why most people prefer it as a top cover. But if you are still stuck on using a flat sheet as a mattress cover, then a simple trick of tucking the edges under the mattress will do.
5. Can protect the mattress better: In this case, it's the fitted sheet that can do a better job. The average mattress should last between 7 to 10 years. The fact that a fitted sheet doesn't come off easily means that the mattress won't be exposed to dust and stains and therefore, the life span will be extended. We can't really say the same for flat sheets though.
6. The appropriate season: Some people like to use top sheets during colder periods like winter as extra padding from the heat while they do without it in hot seasons. The weather could also help you determine which sheet you need more or if you need both at once.

When it comes to choosing which sheets to get, we will say this again; who says you can't have both? You can never have too many linen sheets in your house. However, if you are fine with just one set, that’s also good. As long as you have sheets, that’s what really matters.


The difference between flat sheets and fitted sheets is very obvious, even though they seem to be from the same bedding group. Regardless, when making your choice, consider the factors listed to make the perfect choice for yourself and your home.

If you’ve made a choice about the sheet you want or you are still indecisive, we have some fitted and flat linen sheets in the most beautiful colours you will ever find. Just meet us on the other side let’s show you.

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