Linen Vs Cotton

Which Is Worth Your Money?

The linen versus cotton battle has raged on for quite some time. Many great people and brands have lent their voices to this dispute, giving their candid opinions on which fabric reigns supreme. There have been arguments coming up left and right and to be fair, a lot of them are valid.
But today, we at Bistara Linen Co have come to lend our voice to this battle. And you definitely know which side we are on.
With that being said, let's share our own opinion with you. But first, let’s hit you with a brief background of these two fabrics.

What Makes Linen, Linen?

Or as people would ask, what is linen?

Linen is a fabric made from flax plant fibres and is regarded as one of the oldest fabrics in the world, dating back thousands of years. It is known for its durability, and absorbent nature and is also environmentally friendly.

This fabric is also well known for its insulating properties, keeping you warm during cold seasons and keeping you cool when it's hot. It is said also to have a semi-light feel on the body which contributes to keeping you comfortable when you wear it. We will get back to the amazing features of linen, but for now, let’s head to cotton.

What is Cotton?

Considered a more popular fabric than linen, cotton is a soft fluffy fiber derived from a protective casing called a boll which is found around the seeds of cotton plants. The use of cotton dates back as far back as 4200 BC and has become a worldwide staple for cloth manufacturing.
As a fabric, it is known to be soft, breathable and durable although it is less durable than linen. It is commonly used for clothing and bed linens.

Now that we’ve given a brief explanation of each, let’s head to what makes these two different.

8 Differences between Linen and Cotton

1. They are Derived From Different Plants:
This is the first and most obvious difference between these two fabrics. While linen is obtained from the flax plant, cotton is obtained from the cotton plant as was noted earlier.
Linen is however more eco-friendly than cotton because of the method of obtaining it from the plant. It is also easier to grow, requires less water, doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers and is biodegradable.

2. Breathability:
Both fabrics are typically breathable and free, but linen takes centre stage. The way the fabric is made, its weaves are looser and the fibres are hollow, which makes it easier for air to pass through.

3. Softness:
We are going to be honest here, cotton is softer than linen. As much as we like to mention how comfy linen is, cotton fibres are way softer, like clouds. While for linen, flax fibres are stronger, which builds up the next point. However, a beautiful thing about linen is that it is

4. Durability:
Because flax fibres are tougher, this makes linen stronger and less susceptible to wear and tear. Meanwhile, cotton is more stretchy but it's very easy to rip apart. It can last up to 5 years but linen can last between 10 to 30 years, especially when it's properly maintained.

5. Absorbency:
Even though cotton and linen absorb water quite well, cotton takes the lead a little bit more. This means that it is slightly more absorbent than linen absorbing up to 24 to 27 times its weight.

6. Less Likely to Cause Allergies:
Both linen and cotton are hypoallergenic, but the former is less likely to cause allergies. This is because of lower thread count and loose weave makes it harder for it to catch dust and other allergy-causing particles.

7. Appearance:
Because of linen’s stiffness, it is less likely to pill, unlike weaker cotton. However, it is important to note that both cotton and linen wrinkle easily, but linen is more prone to wrinkles.

8. Affordability:
On the grand scale, cotton is cheaper than linen, which is probably why it is more common. But let’s point out that what makes linen more expensive is the main qualities it has to offer; durability and eco-friendliness.

Is Linen Worth Your Money?
The short answer is yes.

However, considering the differences we outlined, it seems that linen is not the perfect fabric and that is okay. What you should consider when thinking if linen is right for you is:

  • Do you want something durable?
  • Do you want something less likely to cause allergies or attract pests?
  • Do you want something that will regulate your temperature regardless of the weather?
  • Do you want something more environmentally friendly and easily recyclable?

If you answered all the questions in the affirmative, then linen is most likely what you need.

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