Introducing Rose Stripe: A Countryside Classic From Bistara Linen Co.

As a sustainable linen brand, the comfort and coziness of our customers is our priority and we work hard to improve that. For us, comfort comes in whatever form and should be for everybody, representing every style.

This was one of the motivations behind the creation of our newest linen shade; rose stripe. We are introducing this color to bring the country feel into your home. A shade that will have you enjoying the beauty of your surroundings, within and outside your home.
But first, what does this shade mean to us?

What Does Rose Stripe Mean to BLC?
All our linen hues in every collection are inspired by nature and its elements. From wood, to spices, to the sea and even sunset, there is always a shade to draw from the things around us. And rose stripe is no different.

For us, the rose stripe shade represents the feeling associated with countryside living. The peace you get, the oneness with nature and the comforting ambience. We created this shade to give you that feeling.

If you are someone who lived in the countryside for some time, this will take you back. If you currently live in the countryside, this can add to your already relaxed surroundings. And if you have never lived in the countryside, but want to bring some of that feel into your home, this shade is perfect for you.

Summer and Rose Stripe

We launched this colour at the right time when there is going to be a lot of natural light. This natural light will help magnify this shade and bring a soft glow to your space.
Enjoy your summer by inviting a soothing aura into your home with this shade. Transform your home into a familiar sanctuary that will always make you feel at peace regardless of the time of the day.

Let Bistara Linen Co. Help Your Space Feel More Familiar

We are so excited to launch this colour and we hope you find it as lovely as we do. Make your home a soothing respite from the hot weather with this shade. Take a short trip to our website - and see what the products that come in the rose strip shade.

If you want other linen colour options, we have gorgeous ones available. Before or after checking out the rose stripe, you can make a detour to our bedding or tableware collections.

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