The Summer of Linen: Presenting Bistara Linen Co's Summer Ready Colours Of 2024

The Summer of Linen: Presenting Bistara Linen Co's Summer Ready Colours Of 2024


Welcome to the summer of 2024. A time of light clothing, beach visits, cold refreshments and what have you. This is the time people crave everything and anything they can use to stay cool, including fabric.

Now this is where linen stands out with its special cooling qualities. And because we know linen is going to be very helpful to you this season, we've decided to introduce 4 summer-worthy colours that will make your room a haven of comfort during this period of heat.
Let's have a look at them.

4 Summer Ready Colours For 2024

Rose Stripe

First on the list and the newest member of our array of beautiful colours, we believe this is the perfect shade for this summer.

Inspired by country living, the rose stripe hue was created to appreciate the picturesque bright and lush countryside. In the picture below, watch how the sun reflects on it, giving you a nostalgic and dreamy feeling. Even if you haven't been to the hinterlands, you can still feel the solitude of the environment from this colour.

You can bring this rose stripe shade into your space by using it as tableware, a bedding item or even as a picnic blanket. Begin your peaceful summer adventure with this hue.

For our committed readers, we've spoken so much about chambray and it's easy to guess that it's a very versatile colour. We love how it can easily blend into any room and still make it a sanctuary of coziness. That's what chambray will do to your space this summer.

If you need a shade that will help to soften the glare of the sun and also relax you once you step in, this is it. Start here to introduce a muted hue that will relax your nerves.


The original idea for our natural shade was to achieve a neutral tone and to help you cast a soft glow in your space. But we've also come to notice that its neutrality is perfect for people who want a comfortable colour balance in their room. It can be radiant or delicately pale, whichever way you want it or pair it with other colours.

Take this particular shade as your canvas and set it however you want in your space. Our final opinion about this hue is: you would be happy you got it for summer.


This is another dulled but relaxing colour that will also help ease the stress of a very sunny day. It might look regular, but for some reason, it's among our most popular items.

On a closer look at it, you will discover that its smooth texture looks very calming. Maybe that is the feeling our customers get with it that makes them absolutely love it. If you need to see it better for yourself, start here.

Even though we've only mentioned 4 summer colours, you don't have to limit yourself to them. There are other amazing shades to try out whether you want bright and bold or soft and dull.

The most important thing to know is that your choice of summer linen colours will help you enjoy this season better.

Start your amazing summer experience with the right linen here.

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